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Growing Hope For the Future: EMA and City National Bank Relaunch EMA School Garden Program With Luncheon


EMA and City National Bank do Earth Day Right With EMA School Garden Luncheon 

How does EMA like to spend Earth Day? In the garden of course! This past Earth Day, we were thrilled to host a school garden luncheon at University High School Charter in West Los Angeles. Thanks to the incredible folks at City National Bank, we are proud to launch the EMA School Garden Program 2.0. The timing couldn't be better, as 2019 marks the ten-year anniversary since we launched the program in 2009 - we have twenty gardens in California and one in Mississippi.

Much More Than a Garden 

With the sun shining and the fragrant aroma of fresh garden herbs in the air, we set up a lovely gathering for friends and supporters of the program. Glowing with pride, students from Uni were eager to lead attendees on a tour of their garden. From watermelons to kale, the garden was a fruitful oasis.

The impact this garden has had on these students is evident. It not only offers them a novel learning opportunity but a place of calm where they can forget their stressful and busy student lives for a moment. Watching a plant grow from a single seed to something shared as a healthy meal offers students a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

From soil health to beneficial insects, gardens teach students the complexity and beauty of nature. What they learn in the garden can change the way they view our connection to the natural world. With this program, we are developing good stewards of our planet.

Westminster Elementary student Marlin Krause gives a rousing speech

Westminster Elementary student Marlin Krause gives a rousing speech

Looking forward 

During the luncheon, EMA CEO, Debbie Levin laid out goals for the program, which we are all working hard to achieve:

  1. EMA to create an online toolkit for schools, community centers, churches, and synagogues to grow our school garden program virtually around the country. The kit will be available to download for teachers, parents or students to create their garden anywhere.

  2.  Expand the program to new schools and community centers.

  3. Add more celebrity mentors to our program with more school visits. Further, we’d love to participate in any of our schools’ special environmental programming.

  4. EMA will increase our sharing of garden updates and progress reports on its social media channels.

  5. To keep up our proper maintenance, we are working to partner with a group to provide monthly support to our LA gardens.

We are so excited to have the EMA School Garden Program running again, and can't wait to watch it grow (no pun intended).

It Takes a Village 

Our garden program isn't possible without the continuing support of some exceptional people and businesses. First, we are so grateful to have City National Bank as our Presenting Sponsor. Their commitment to bettering the communities they serve is inspiring.

Our long-time supporter and partner of the program, Kellogg Garden Products has been with us since “Day One.” Kellogg Garden Products is the reason why students get to work with healthy and organic soil, seeds, and fertilizers.  Kathy Kellogg Johnson is our garden guru who you can always count on to bring ladybugs to the party!

We want to thank our student guest speakers from University High, Marlin Krause of Westminster Elementary and Anthony Giron of Helen Bernstein High. Your speeches were incredible. Further, the day would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of University High teacher Kerri Eich. Kerri has been an essential part of our program since its launch and will be speaking at our upcoming EMA IMPACT Summit!

Our gratitude to Rocco's for providing us with a healthy lunch that incorporated fresh produce from our school gardens (we even had "garden" fresh eggs). Hats off to Owners Alex Manos and EMA Board Member Lance Bass for making it happen.


Thanks to EMA Board Members Malin Akerman, Katie Aselton, Lance Bass, Wendie Malick, Sarah Wright Olsen, and Constance Zimmer for playing in the dirt with us at the luncheon and all of our Board Members who have supported the program from day one.

Finally, we are grateful for everyone who came out to show support for our gardens.

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good: Barry's Supports EMA With Earth Day Class

Barry's Bootcamp CEO, Joey Gonzalez joins EMA CEO, Debbie Levin and Board Members Katie Aselton and Constance Zimmer for an Earth Week workout

Barry's Bootcamp CEO, Joey Gonzalez joins EMA CEO, Debbie Levin and Board Members Katie Aselton and Constance Zimmer for an Earth Week workout

What motivates people to exercise? The simple answer is their health. We put in the work so that we can have healthy and active lives, but are we doing the same for our planet? It is critical for people to realize the vital link between the environment and our health. Barry's Bootcamp understands that link, which is why they are leading their industry to a more sustainable future.

To celebrate our partnership, Barry's hosted "The Subtle Art of Giving a F" class in honor of Earth Week. The class raised funds for EMA and featured eco-friendly tees for attendees.

Because we are willing to sweat for our planet, EMA CEO, Debbie Levin and Board Members Katie Aselton and Constance Zimmer joined Barry's CEO Joey Gonzalez for the class.

Barry's is on track to become the first business in its sector to receive our EMA Green Seal for Fitness. We are inspired by Barry's commitment to green an industry so tied to our health. In other words, Barry's gives a F.

Total Clarity: Shedding Light on the Reality of Modern Diamond Mining

We love seeing the progress our partners are making to green their industries. Our friends at The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) just launched their latest sustainability report, and we encourage you all do read it.

The Diamond Producers Association, who represent 75% of the world’s diamond production through its members, has released a first-ever report on the reality of modern diamond mining. Challenging stereotypes and identifying areas for further improvement, the report, titled Total Clarity, sheds light on the impact modern diamond mining has on local communities, employees and the environment.


  • 83% of water used for diamond mining is recycled

  • 1,023 sq miles of land DPA Members protect; 3x the amount of land that they use

  • 69% less carbon emission per carat than a laboratory-created diamond

Read more at www.total-clarity.com


Watch: EMA Tours the ECOS Facility in Cypress, CA



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