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Who Says Going Green Can't Be Luxurious? All 8 Montage International Properties Receive EMA Green Seal for Hospitality

Going for Gold 

We are thrilled to announce that Montage International is the first hospitality group to have all their properties receive the EMA Green Seal for Hospitality! Montage Beverly Hills, a Forbes Five Star and LEED Gold Certified hotel, was the first recipient, followed by the remaining five Montage Hotels & Resorts properties and two Pendry Hotels & Resorts properties. Each of the properties achieved the highest award, the EMA Gold Seal for Hospitality.


The purpose of the EMA Green Seal for Hospitality is to provide a transparent way to measure the accomplishments of hotels and resorts in lessening their environmental impact. Establishing best practices that are economically viable will result in water and energy savings, a reduction of toxins and role modeling for property guests and employees.

Read "Green Matters" Coverage of our EMA Green Seal for Hospitality 

“Having worked in the hotel industry for over 30 years, it has become apparent that travelers want to make lodging choices they can feel good about. EMA is here to assist our hospitality partners in providing their clients with that choice,” said Paul Sposare, Executive Director of EMA.

A Sustainable Partnership

Since the Montage Beverly Hills hosted our first ever EMA IMPACT Summit in 2017, Montage International and EMA have enjoyed a strong working relationship. Alan J. Fuerstman, Montage International Founder, Chairman and CEO, received EMA's Corporate Responsibility Award at the 2017 EMA Awards. Mr. Fuerstman now sits on EMA's Corporate Board. “We have built an incredible partnership with EMA over the years. I have always been a firm believer that luxury and sustainability can coexist, and I am so proud of our teams across the company for achieving the EMA Gold Seal certification,” said Alan J. Fuerstman.


Montage Beverly Hills will be the home of our EMA IMPACT Summit for a third consecutive year. The 2019 EMA IMPACT Summit takes place on May 29-30, 2019. Get your passes here!

“In today’s world, what we do locally can create a positive impact on a global level. The EMA Green Seal inspires businesses, from production companies to hotels and resorts, to set an example for change because we all care for our planet, our health and our next generation. Our goal is to have the EMA Green Seal as the global standard for sustainability in many sectors,” said Debbie Levin, CEO of EMA.

Stay tuned as we add more hotels to our list of Green Seal Recipients!


Green Your Beauty Routine for Spring 

Having a green beauty routine doesn’t just mean using clean products; it also means using sustainable practices. Here are some tips to help you keep you glowing head-to-toe and save water at the same time.

  1. Attach water saving faucet aerators and shower heads to help reduce water waste and save you some cash.

  2. We all know how great that nice long shower feels, but did you know that over 2 gallons of water per minute goes down the drain each time you shower? That adds up fast. Set a timer and commit to shorter showers.

  3. Think a bath cuts down on water usage? The average 10-minute shower uses about 20 gallons while the average bathtub fills at around about 36 gallons. If you take a bath, make it count by creating a nice, looooong, relaxing ritual for yourself.

  4. Use cold water to wash dishes and clothes, and even your face. It saves water by not waiting for it to warm up, plus cool water on your skin feels refreshing.

  5. Another way to save a little water is to forego splashing off your facial cleansers and masks and remove them with a damp washcloth. Just make sure you turn off the tap in between wipes and use every part of the cloth before rinsing it. Then hang your rinsed clothe to dry and use a few times before throwing in the wash.

These simple steps will help keep your routine (and the planet) green. And that’s a beautiful thing!

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