EMA Weekly Forecast: Join EMA in the #4Liters Challenge!

EMA Weekly Forecast

Join EMA as We Take DigDeep's #4Liters Challenge

Americans use more than 100 gallons of water a day, and most of us take it completely for granted. Even in the middle of a drought, we assume that when we turn the tap, water will show up. It's not life or death; it's just hot or cold.

But while we use so much, hundreds of millions of people worldwide struggle for so little. For them, water is everything. To survive, they have to find at least four liters - or about one gallon - of clean water a day.

What would that be like?

Are you game? We want as many EMA Board members, fans, and fellow environmentalists to join us as we accept DigDeep's #4Liter Challenge. Is it going to be difficult? Of course it is, but conserving water is worth the inconvenience. Okay, here are the ground rules:

1. Live on just four liters. Grab a one liter water bottle to help you measure your water. You'll fill it four times during the day. (If you're in doubt, four liters is about a gallon, so an empty milk jug works too.)

2. Only use water from your bottle. Don't turn the tap or flush your toilet (unless it's an emergency). Every time you need water to cook, clean, drink or even brush your teeth, pour it out of your bottle. It's going to be fun, eye-opening and maybe even a little weird.

3. Make a short video at 4pm. Show us how much water you have left; tell us about the experience, and challenge two friends to take over. Post the video to all of your social accounts. Make sure to tag it with #4Liters.

Visit the official 4Liters Challenge page!

Most Americans take water completely for granted. For many people that participate, #4Liters is the first time they've had to plan their day around their water use. It really opens your eyes to how much we need water, and how difficult life might be without it. It's a great tool for building empathy for the environment and for communities in need.

Are you ready? We want the world to know EMA and our Board members care about water conservation! If you decide to take the challenge, let us know by tagging us on social: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have any questions, or just want to give us a heads up as to when you plan on starting your #4Liters Challenge, email our community manager Jay Jasinski: jayjasinski10@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing everyone take the challenge. Let's change the way people think about water forever!

EMA President Debbie Levin Presents Josie Maran With Eco Award at Fifth Annual Official First Ladies Luncheon

Last year, Debbie Levin was honored at the Fashion 4 Development’s Fourth Annual Official First Ladies Luncheon with their first Eco Award. The event took place in New York during the UN Climate Summit and World Conference. This year, Debbie attended the luncheon to give Josie Maran this year's Eco Award. "Maran was presented with the Eco Award for her eponymous beauty brand's safe practices." The Luncheon drew an impressive group of attendees, including Naomi Cambell and Victoria Beckham.

Fashion Times summarized the event as,

"The annual luncheon "unites First Ladies, Diplomats, Fashion VIP's and other key influencers from around the globe to recognize and celebrate the unprecedented cooperation between Diplomacy & Fashion for the greater good of Women and Children worldwide," according to Fashion 4 Development's website. Queen Rania of Jordan, Diane Kruger, Livia Firth, Franca Sozzani and Mrs. Ban Soon-taek, the wife of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, all attended this year's event."

Participant Media Presents the EMA Award for Best Digital Short: Vote Now!

Last week, we were pleased and excited to announce the 2015 EMA Awards Nominees on our website. From the press to social media, people are buzzing over this year’s amazing lineup. We don’t blame them! Luckily, there’s a way for fans to get involved in the Awards Show fun before the night of the Gala. Just this week, Participant Media launched its voting page to decide the EMA Best Digital Short. That’s right, you the fans get to decide which one of these incredible projects goes home with an EMA award.

Vote Now!

Readers can vote as many times as they like, but only once per day. Wait, it gets better. Participants have the chance to enter to win a prize pack of 12 Participant films.

According to takepart, “These three finalists have been chosen by a panel of judges compiled of entertainment executives, climate experts and non-profit leaders.” But what if you haven’t seen the three digital shorts? You’re in luck. All three digital shorts are on Youtube and can be watched below.

The winner will be announced at the 2015 EMA Awards Gala to be held in Los Angeles in October. Voting closes on 10/10 so make sure to vote soon and vote often.

Nominees (via the takepart voting page)

The Soil Story

The Soil Story, created by Kiss the Ground, is a five-minute film that shares the importance of healthy soil for a healthy planet. Learn how we can “sequester” (store) carbon from our atmosphere, where it is harmful, and pull it back into the earth, where it belongs, through regenerative agriculture, composting, and other land management practices. This video and petition to the California Legislature supports the allocation of $160 million in funding from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to help rebuild healthy soils. The film was directed in partnership with Louis Fox, best-known for the acclaimed viral series, “The Story of Stuff

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Dear Future Generations: Sorry was created by Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince EA. Prince EA is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist from St Louis, Missouri. He creates content “to make people laugh, cry, think, and love with the ultimate goal to evolve.”

Climate Change Denial Disorder

Climate Change Denial Disorder may be effecting your parents, grandparents, or congressperson. This video, featuring Ed Begley, Jr., is was created by Funny or Die.

Get your friends to vote by sharing your picks and the voting page via social media! Tag us on Twitter and Facebook, we’d love to hear your picks!

#TrendyTuesday: What's Your Favorite Environmental Documentary?

We live in a world where everything is out of sight, out of mind, which is why it's difficult to motivate people to take action. That's where documentaries come in. A powerful documentary uses a mix of captivating imagery, a strong message, and honest reporting to leave a lasting impression. In other words, documentaries can be game-changers. For this reason, we're sharing our favorite environmental documentaries this coming Tuesday via social media!

As you may know, there are many fantastic documentaries nominated for a 2015 EMA Award. Nominees for best documentary include:

"Gardeners of Eden" "Slingshot (White Dwarf Productions)" "The True Cost (Untold LA)" "Virunga"

We look forward to your suggestions!

If you decide to participate in any or all of the days, make sure you use the hashtags and tag @green4ema so we can help spread the green message!

Another way to help on social media: Retweets and mentions! It's that easy and much appreciated.

Get Your Tickets For The 2015 EMA Awards!

#MeatlessMondays with Gardein

Did you know that eating one burger has the same carbon footprint as driving 320 miles in your car? Better be a good burger, right? Or you could choose the more Eco-friendly, healthier option of going meatless every Monday. Our and Gardein’s goal is to inspire people to give up the meat with the help of tantalizing vegetarian recipes. Pesto stuffed mushrooms, Thai fishless sliders, pasta Alfredo with walnut Parmesan…you get the point.

Do you have a favorite meatless recipe? Share it with us and we’ll post it on our blog and social media. #MeatlessMonday will be a fun way to get people eating less meat and thinking about the environmental impacts of their eating habits. Also, you won’t have to worry about what to make every Monday.

Want to submit a recipe for our blog? Have a question about how to tweet/instagram your #MeatlessMonday?  Email our community manager Jay Jasinski at jayjasinski10@gmail.com

News and Stories

Polar Bears Rejoice! Shell is Leaving the Arctic

In what was arguably the biggest news in the environmental world this week, Shell Oil announced they would be withdrawing from the Arctic. Was it because of the severe backlash from the public? Or maybe the company had a change of heart after seeing the wonderful Arctic wildlife from the ledge of its rig? No way! This is an international oil company, people. Shell left because there wasn't as much oil as they had speculated. According to Planet Experts, "The company reached a depth of about 6,800 feet in about 150 feet of water, but to no great yield. In its press release, Shell said that the amount of petroleum recovered from the process was not in sufficient quantities to merit further exploration – at least in that part of the basin."

Though the company will never admit the many #ShellNo protests affected its decision to pull out of the Arctic, there's no denying the oil giant's image took a hit. Let's keep the pressure up and make sure oil extraction NEVER happens in the Arctic again.

We're happy to have some positive news to lead into our #ActinParis campaign in partnership with the Sierra Club and RYOT News. Stay tuned.

Image via Sierra Club. Support their latest petition to help save the arctic at the link below.

"Tell the President to protect the Arctic once and for all. Urge him to cancel all future oil and gas lease sales and development in America's Arctic Ocean! Sign the petition -> Protect the Arctic Forever!"

Food Industry Experiencing 'Tectonic Shift,' Says Whole Foods Co-CEO

You don't need to be a marketer to know millennials are the main focus of most industries these days. According to an article in Time.com, the tech-savvy and highly educated cohort wants their food to be sustainable and the supply-chain transparent. For this reason, the Co-CEO of Whole Foods, Walter Robb, is not waiting around to satisfy these wants.

"Making the environment a top priority is also why the company introduced its responsibly grown program earlier this year, Robb said. The rating system takes into accounting holistic and “progressive practices” on the farm like recycling and water. It also lets the customer have greater transparency into where product is coming from.

Concern for the environment is not just reserved for agricultural practices. The company has cut energy use by 40% in its stores in the last five years by taking steps like adding doors to its freezers."

It'll be interesting to see how other grocery stores and markets react to the bold moves Whole Foods is taking.

New Zealand Just Announced a Marine Reserve The Size of France 

New Zealand has given us so many great things. To name a few, "The Lord of The Rings", wine, "Flight of the Conchords". Now the Eco-friendly country is giving back to mother nature! This week, New Zealand announced a massive new marine reserve. How massive? 239,000 square miles! The reserve will be protected from all mining and fishing activities, and will play host to a rich diversity of wildlife.

"According to Pew Charitable Trusts, which has lobbied the New Zealand government to create the marine reserve for some time, the trench area includes: 431 species of fish; half the known species of beaked whales (10); an important migratory corridor for humpback whales; 11 percent of the world’s total number of seabird species; and the Earth’s longest chain of active underwater volcanoes.

The marine reserve will account for 15 percent of New Zealand’s territory, an area twice the size of the country’s land mass."

This is the kind of conservation action we need to see across the globe! According to the Marine Conservation Institute, only 2.8% of the total ocean is protected.

Breathtaking Photos of a Lunge-Feeding Humpback Whale

No, that's not an ancient sea monster from the depths of the Earth coming to battle Godzilla. This photo, along with the others in the link above, shows a humpback whale gulping up a mouthful of food. We're all about calls-to-action and motivating environmental stories, but sometimes all it takes is a photograph to remind us of why we're fighting to save our planet!

It's incredible to think that such a massive mammal survives on such small food. According to National Geographic:

"These whales are found near coastlines, feeding on tiny shrimp-like krill, plankton, and small fish. Humpbacks migrate annually from summer feeding grounds near the poles to warmer winter breeding waters closer to the Equator. Mothers and their young swim close together, often touching one another with their flippers with what appear to be gestures of affection. Females nurse their calves for almost a year, though it takes far longer than that for a humpback whale to reach full adulthood. Calves do not stop growing until they are ten years old."

Hopefully, this "whale of a photo" inspires you to learn more about humpback whales and how we can help protect them.

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