EMA Weekly Forecast: A Major Week for Climate Action

EMA Weekly Forecast

Pope Francis Visits the United States, Calls for Climate Action

Unless you're stranded on an island with no internet service, then you know Pope Francis is currently enjoying a historic visit to The United States of America. Almost immediately, the humble Pope used his trip as an opportunity to urge the people of America, along with their leaders, to act on climate change and to be better stewards of the planet. Pope Francis took his message to The White House, Congress, and The United Nations, calling for immediate action before we pass the point of no return.

According to the Huffington Post,

"Speaking at the White House, he seemed to endorse the Obama administration's carbon pollution limits on power plants, telling the president it was 'encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution.' In his address to joint Congress, he reasserted the need for a 'courageous and responsible effort' on climate, and told members, 'I am convinced that we can make a difference and I have no doubt that the United States - and this Congress - have an important role to play.' Speaking to the United Nations, he declared a 'right of the environment,' saying, 'any harm done to the environment.. is harm done to humanity."

China and the United States increase commitments to climate action

Many U.S. climate-deniers argue, "even if the U.S. were to cut emissions, countries such as China aren't doing anything to curb climate change." Well, that's a tough argument to make these days, given the fact that Chinese President Xi Jinping claims China and the U.S. share a "common vision" for addressing climate change. While visiting the U.S. this week, President Xi Jinping met with President Obama to work out additional commitments to their climate action plan. The results? The U.S. agreed to cut power plant emissions 32% by 2030 while China agreed to instate a cap-and-trade program, which will start in 2017. Further, to help poorer countries deal with the effects of a changing climate, China agreed to give $3.1 billion to a bilateral fund.

Hilary Clinton Announces She's Against the Keystone XL Pipeline

The question of whether or not presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is for or against the Keystone XL Pipeline is finally answered. On Thursday, Hillary Clinton made a statement to the press saying she is against the pipeline. This is great news for the planet since our energy future should depend on the wind and sun, not dirty fossil fuels. Just how nasty is the proposed pipeline? According to the Center for Biological Diversity,

"Earlier this year the Environmental Protection Agency said that the development of tar sands oil that would be carried by Keystone XL “represents a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions” with the potential to release up to 1.37 billion additional tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere over 50 years. The EPA said it would be the pollution equivalent of adding 5.7 million passenger vehicles or 7.8 coal-fired power plants."

It's weeks like this that give us hope for a cleaner, sustainable future! Stay tuned for our #ActinParis campaign in partnership with the Sierra Club and RYOT News

Participant Media Presents the EMA Award for Best Digital Short: Vote Now!

Last week, we were pleased and excited to announce the 2015 EMA Awards Nominees on our website. From the press to social media, people are buzzing over this year’s amazing lineup. We don’t blame them! Luckily, there’s a way for fans to get involved in the Awards Show fun before the night of the Gala. Just this week, Participant Media launched its voting page to decide the EMA Best Digital Short. That’s right, you the fans get to decide which one of these incredible projects goes home with an EMA award.

Vote Now!

Readers can vote as many times as they like, but only once per day. Wait, it gets better. Participants have the chance to enter to win a prize pack of 12 Participant films.

According to takepart, “These three finalists have been chosen by a panel of judges compiled of entertainment executives, climate experts and non-profit leaders.” But what if you haven’t seen the three digital shorts? You’re in luck. All three digital shorts are on Youtube and can be watched below.

The winner will be announced at the 2015 EMA Awards Gala to be held in Los Angeles in October. Voting closes on 10/10 so make sure to vote soon and vote often.

Nominees (via the takepart voting page)

The Soil Story

The Soil Story, created by Kiss the Ground, is a five-minute film that shares the importance of healthy soil for a healthy planet. Learn how we can “sequester” (store) carbon from our atmosphere, where it is harmful, and pull it back into the earth, where it belongs, through regenerative agriculture, composting, and other land management practices. This video and petition to the California Legislature supports the allocation of $160 million in funding from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to help rebuild healthy soils. The film was directed in partnership with Louis Fox, best-known for the acclaimed viral series, “The Story of Stuff

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Dear Future Generations: Sorry was created by Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince EA. Prince EA is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist from St Louis, Missouri. He creates content “to make people laugh, cry, think, and love with the ultimate goal to evolve.”

Climate Change Denial Disorder

Climate Change Denial Disorder may be effecting your parents, grandparents, or congressperson. This video, featuring Ed Begley, Jr., is was created by Funny or Die.

Get your friends to vote by sharing your picks and the voting page via social media! Tag us on Twitter and Facebook, we’d love to hear your picks!

Getting Involved on Social: Things to do This Coming Week

How You Can Help Save The Earth One Day at a Time

Join us as we accept the Huffington Post's challenge to be green every day this coming week. Sure, we have #MeatlessMonday and #TrendyTuesday, but we figured it was time we kicked it up a notch. HuffPost has made the challenge interactive via hashtags, so you'll be able to inspire your friends, fans, and family members to participate as well. Here are the daily hashtags:

#MeatlessMonday - It's simple! Don't eat meat for any meal on Monday. Need recipe ideas? Check out our weekly series with gardein, where we share a meatless recipe every Monday.

#TurnItOffTuesday - If you're not using your energy-sucking appliances, turn them off and pull out the plug!

#WasteFreeWednesday - "Do your best to go waste-free and compost or recycle every scrap of trash."

#ThriftShopThursday - Here's your excuse to go shopping!

#FuelFreeFriday - This one might be a bit difficult if you live in L.A., but we love a challenge. Break out your bike and roller blades and say goodbye to dirty fossil fuels.

#SortItOutSaturday - The average American produces 4.4 pounds of waste a day! Take some time to sort out your trash and recycle as much as possible.

#ShowerFreeSunday - Save water, energy, and time by going shower-free this Sunday.

If you decide to participate in any or all of the days, make sure you use the hashtags and tag @green4ema so we can help spread the green message!

Another way to help on social media: Retweets and mentions! It's that easy and much appreciated.

Get Your Tickets For The 2015 EMA Awards!

EMA Partners With DIGDEEP for its “Empty Pool Party” in L.A.

You can leave your pool noodles at home for this one, folks. To bring attention to California’s unprecedented drought, EMA, DIGDEEP, Change the Course, and many other non-profits and businesses are hosting a waterless pool party this coming Saturday, September 26th at a secret pool in LA. We think it goes without saying that there will be no diving involved, but that won’t stop us from having fun! The event will include live music, an open bar (don’t worry, the bar won’t be empty), free food, pool party games, gift bags, and much, much more!

Make sure you RSVP!

The party begins at noon, it’s free, and you must be 21 or older to attend. Here’s the party’s manifesto: “We believe that this epic drought is an exciting chance for change. We believe Angelenos can be smarter and more resilient. We believe in community, creativity and innovation. We believe in pool parties.”

Sounds good to us! If you can’t make it to the party, do the next best thing and follow EMA on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram for live updates (@green4ema)!

#MeatlessMondays with Gardein

Did you know that eating one burger has the same carbon footprint as driving 320 miles in your car? Better be a good burger, right? Or you could choose the more Eco-friendly, healthier option of going meatless every Monday. Our and Gardein’s goal is to inspire people to give up the meat with the help of tantalizing vegetarian recipes. Pesto stuffed mushrooms, Thai fishless sliders, pasta Alfredo with walnut Parmesan…you get the point.

Do you have a favorite meatless recipe? Share it with us and we’ll post it on our blog and social media. #MeatlessMonday will be a fun way to get people eating less meat and thinking about the environmental impacts of their eating habits. Also, you won’t have to worry about what to make every Monday.

Want to submit a recipe for our blog? Have a question about how to tweet/instagram your #MeatlessMonday?  Email our community manager Jay Jasinski at jayjasinski10@gmail.com

News and Stories

100% Renewable Possible by 2050

Tesla's Elon Musk put it best when he said, "we have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun. You don't have to do anything, it just works. It shows up every day."

If it isn't obvious, we're all about clean, renewable energy here at EMA, which is why we loved this article from EcoWatch. Despite what the Koch brothers want us to believe, 100% renewable energy is possible by the year 2050. The study, conducted by Greenpeace, also found that the transition will be a huge boost to the world's economy. For example,

"Researched in collaboration with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), the report finds that the clean energy transition—including the electricity, transport and heating sectors—will create 20 million jobs over the next 15 years, and—unlike coal—will provide energy access to the one third of people globally that currently have none."

Let's get this straight, Greenpeace is telling us that there are no economic or technical barriers to 100% renewable energy by 2050, and it will create millions of jobs? Amazing. We're 100% on board to make this happen!

6 Ways to Help Elephants 

Many people are under the impression that things are bad for elephants, but if they ever get really bad, someone will do something. Well, we hate to say it, but things are really bad for elephants. To quote the Mother Nature Network, "The lust for ivory and the situation in Africa have created what is likely to be the greatest percentage loss of elephants in history. Many fear that the survival of the species is at stake."

Thankfully, there are many brave men and woman risking their lives to save these magnificent animals. For example, actress and activist Kristin Davis, this year's recipient of the EMA Wildlife Conservation Award, has brought much attention to elephants with her documentary "Gardeners of Eden".

Many people are willing and eager to help; they just aren't quite sure how. That's why we're sharing this list of "6 Ways to Help Elephants" from the Mother Nature Network so you too can join the cause.

World Rhino Day 2015! 

Rhinos are one of the most iconic land mammals on the planet, which is why this past Tuesday the world celebrated in their honor. These massive animals enjoy rolling around in the mud to stay cool, eating trees and bushes, and hosting oxpeckers - the little birds that eat their ticks. Oh, and they can run fast (30 - 40 miles per hour).

Unfortunately, like most animals that have a dedicated day, they got this honor because they're in danger of going extinct. Poaching is decimating their numbers. How bad is it? According to Planet Experts, "Following the recent deaths of Suni, a 34-year-old white rhino male living in Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and Angalifu, a 44-year-old white rhino male living in San Diego, there is now just one white rhino male on the planet. That rhino, Sudan, now lives under 24-hour armed guard in Ol Pejeta. His horn has been sawn off to deter poachers."

The purpose of these designated wildlife days is to 1) share statistics and facts on the species, and 2) offer a way for people to get involved and help. Read the article to find out how you can help save rhinos from extinction!

EMA Board Member Jeffrey Tambor Wins Emmy, Draws Attention to Climate Change

Not that we needed more reasons to love EMA Board Member Jeffrey Tambor, but, wow, what a night! Not only did he win an Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy for his role in Amazon's "Transparent", he also brought attention to climate change. Though he used his speech, rightfully so, to bring attention to the transgender community, his green ribbon sent another message: Jeffrey Tambor, along with many other influencers in the industry, demand climate action!

According to Think Progress,

"The ribbons sported the tag '#DemandClimateAction,' which corresponds to an NRDC petition by the same name that will be delivered to world leaders during December’s Paris climate talks.

None of the attendees that wore the ribbons mentioned climate action in their acceptance speeches, but some scholars have argued that by merely attaching their name to the issue, celebrities can help raise awareness in the public consciousness. Declan Fahy, an associate professor at American University’s School of Communication, pointed out in a piece for Yale Climate Connections that celebrities can 'put a recognizable, individual face on a complex, systemic phenomenon like climate change and therefore make the issue connect with audiences, engaging them on the issue, and potentially mobilizing them to take action.'"

We look forward to using the incredible power of media to spread the message of Eco-stewardship at the 2015 EMA Awards!

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