Help EMA be louder than the climate deniers and create a sustainable future!


The Environmental Media Association (EMA), a nonprofit 501(c)3, has grown into a diverse subsection of entertainment industry tastemakers, entrepreneurs in finance and technology, and green icons dedicated to the mission of promoting environmental progress. EMA is a movement powered by celebrity role-modeling, campaign work, social media messaging, year-round programs, and three large-scale Annual events: The EMA Awards, EMA Honors Benefit, and EMA IMPACT Summit.


EMA galvanizes millions of people across the globe to live sustainable lifestyles and to use their voice to help our planet.




From our two-day IMPACT Summit to our Future Innovator of the Year Contest, EMA is showing the world that being green is good for business. By bringing together major corporations, startups, innovators, scientists, and influencers, EMA IMPACT gets game-changing solutions to the public as quickly as possible.

EMA Messaging

From podcasts to PSAs to social media campaigns, EMA’s messaging reaches millions. With a goal of expanding production to include more videos and social media initiatives, EMA can spread a positive and galvanizing message that green solutions are working.


EMA Green Seal

Successfully working with studios and production companies for 16 years to reduce the carbon footprint of over a thousand TV shows and movies. We are currently expanding our Green Seal into Hospitality with plans for the Seal to be the "Green" standard in many industries.



Over 20 gardens nationwide educating children on the values of organic/sustainable farming and healthy eating.

EMA serves as a valuable link between the world of media and the environmental community, working tirelessly to bring the planet’s most pressing issues to the forefront of pop culture and make true change by inspiring the next generation of filmmakers and entrepreneurs.


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