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50% of the plastic used in the U.S. is used just once then thrown away.

U•Konserve launched in 2008 to help stop the increasing amount of trash headed to our landfills and oceans every year because of food packaging. The company was started by two moms who became increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the lunchtime trash at their children’s schools. It was important to them to create sustainably designed food-storage products to reduce the disposable products responsible for so much of the landfill trash.

The company offers a complete line of reusable food-storage solutions for lunch, work, travel, picnics, takeout, leftovers and more. Products include leak-proof stainless steel and glass containers, recycled lunch totes, reusable snack bags and food wraps, glass bottles and waste-free accessories. Tested by independent labs, all products meet CPSIA standards and are free of BPA, phthalates and lead.

It’s not just a container, it’s a movement.

One reusable solution can save thousands of single-use containers, bags, utensils and straws from our landfills and oceans. Replacing disposables with long-lasting alternatives is a commitment to foster this important change. In much the same way that a small personal choice can have a big impact, U•Konserve also believes that the impact of a small company can have a powerful and lasting effect on the health of the environment. The company holds themselves to high social and environmental standards because they believe that success is not driven by profit alone, and how they conduct business matters.