Q&A with Debbie Levin, architect of green cars’ red carpet moment

Environmental causes have long benefited from the visibility of famous advocates.

For businesses looking to promote green products, a major turning point came during the Academy Awards at the beginning of the 21st century. As millions watched worldwide, celebrities dressed to the nines climbed out of — not limousines — but hybrid Toyota Priuses.

The architect of that made-for-TV moment was Environmental Media Association (EMA) CEO Debbie Levin, who joins us next week for a panel discussion that will explore strategies to get even more people buying and living sustainably. The event, titled “The Green Bundle,” is the official launch party for UCLA environmental economist Magali Delmas’ new book by the same name.

Although the event is now sold out, we caught up with Levin for a quick conversation about that pivotal moment in green advertising.