EMA Weekly Forecast: Road to the Awards

Road to the Awards: EMA Celebrates its 25th Anniversary Hosting Annual Awards Show and Gala | Saturday, October 24th

It's that time of year again! As we get ready to roll out the green carpet for this year's Awards show and gala, it's hard not to look back on all the great memories of years past. Since 1991, the EMA Awards has been the only program solely devoted to celebrating the entertainment industry’s environmental efforts. A pioneer in linking the power of celebrity to environmental awareness, it was EMA who invented the ‘green carpet,’ launching the concept of taking a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle – not a limo – to our annual Awards show.

A lot has changed since 1991: The US minimum wage was $4.25 an hour, Seinfeld was a relatively unknown show, and hammer pants were cool...kind of. One thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to protecting the environment and crafting sustainable solutions for the future.

Over the past 25 years, we've had the pleasure of honoring so many wonderful people, films, TV shows, and organizations. Let's take a look back at year one of the EMA Awards and the projects and people that made it so special!

1991 EMA Awards

Key Note Speaker: Robert Redford

Feature Film: Dances With Wolves

Television Episodic - Comedy: The Simpsons "Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish"

Children's Television Program - Animated: Tiny Toon Adventure "Whale Tales"

Children's Television Program - Live Action: HBO “Earth to Kids: A Guide to Products for a  Healthy Planet”

EMA Board of Director's Ongoing Commitment Award: “MacGyver” and “Captain Planet”

Daytime Television: Days of Our Lives

Music Video: “Yakety Yak, Take It Back” (various artists)

TV Special: “A User’s Guide to Planet Earth: The American Environmental Test”

Movie of the Week - Miniseries: Chernobyl: The Final Warning

That was a trip down memory lane! It's interesting to see the categories change as media evolves over the years. For instance, if we would've told the audience in 1991 we're about to announce this year's best digital short, which was voted for online, they would've scratched their heads. Further, attendees didn't have the luxury of streaming the nominees on iTunes (find out where to watch our documentary nominees here). We're just happy that significant environmental messaging is keeping up with the times.

The Simpsons: 25 Years of D'ohs, Laughs, And Environmental Messaging

Looking back at the first round of winners, it's fitting that The Simpsons won for best Television Episodic - Comedy, since we're honoring the show for 25 years of excellence in environmental messaging. As millions tune in every week to watch America's favorite yellow family, the show's creators utilize the opportunity to spread concerns about environmental issues in a fun and humorous context. The show has done so through its stories and characters - we're winking at you, Lisa. We're looking forward to seeing how the show handles pressing environmental issues for years to come; just don't tell Homer that climate change might affect his beer supply!

The 2015 EMA Awards

“Over the past 25 years of this Award show, it never ceases to amaze us of all the great work that has been done to further highlight the achievements of those who lead by example through environmentally conscious programming, filmmaking and production. We are thrilled to recognize such socially active, mindful and inspirational individuals, organizations and programming this year.” - Debbie Levin, President of the EMA The event will be held on October 24th at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California and recognize the exemplary commitment of individuals who heighten awareness of environmental concerns. This year's nominees lineup spans genres, utilizes the internet, and is all around amazing. See for yourself:

2015 EMA Awards Nominees

This year’s Environmental Media Awards honorees include such luminaries as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristin Davis, Don Henley, James and Zem Joaquin for their ongoing commitment in promoting the public about environmental issues and inspiring millions to take action. In addition, EMA will honor Van Jones with the organization’s inaugural EMA GreenBiz Global Innovator Award. Learn more about our honorees:

2015 EMA Awards Honorees

Wait, there's more! We'll also be honoring legendary director George Miller with a much-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. He will be presented the award by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who appears in “Fury Road,” which is a nominee for best feature film.

Many Exciting Things to Come!

Looking back on 25 years of EMA Awards has us feeling sentimental and inspired; we've come such a long way! Yet, there's still so much more work to be done to ensure our planet is sustainable, healthy, and inhabitable for generations to come. For this reason, we're super excited to announce some major plans with all of you during our awards show this coming Saturday. Stay tuned!

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EMA Chair of the Young Hollywood Committee, Lance Bass to Host This Year's Awards Show

We're so thrilled to announce that EMA Chair of the Young Hollywood Committee, Lance Bass will be hosting this year's awards show. Lance has long been a committed and active part of EMA, so we're very excited to have him as host. Make sure you catch Lance on The Meredith Vieira Show this Fall!

"Other stars, who are confirmed to attend include Jessica Biel, Amy Smart, Stana Katic, Constance Zimmer, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Carter Oosterhouse, Darby Stanchfield, Daryl Hannah, Ed Begley Jr., Sarah Wright Olsen & Eric Christian Olsen, Norman & Lyn Davis Lear, Peter & Parky Fonda, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Wendie Malick."


Fusion Signs on as the Official Media Partner of the 2015 Environmental Media Awards

Via The Movie Network: "The Environmental Media Association (EMA) is excited to announce its Hollywood activist lineup for the upcoming EMA Awards. Lance Bass, EMAs Young Hollywood Board member, confirmed to host; Blythe Danner will present to daughter Gwyneth Paltrow (EMA Green Parent Award Honoree), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will present to George Miller (Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree), and Francesca Eastwood and Sarah Wright Olsen & Eric Christian Olsen to present at the October 24th eco-conscious ceremony happening at the Warner Brothers Studios. In addition, in celebration of the Awards 25th Anniversary, FUSION has signed on as the official partner of the EMAs and will aim to champion the environmental justice issues facing our generation.  FUSION will work with EMA to create content, spur action and raise awareness about climate change, pollution and extinction. The partnership will be spearheaded by FUSION’s coverage of the 2015 EMA Awards which will be featured across all FUSION platforms - including FUSION’s cable network, FUSION.net, and Snapchat."

"We're so thrilled to be partnering with Fusion on the EMA Awards broadcast and for the first time having EMA create network content,” said EMA President, Debbie Levin.  “We feel that their message of bringing environmental issues to millennials is crucial to the growth of sustainable living and global solutions for our planet and  truly in sync with what we believe is essential at EMA.  We look forward to developing many projects with them and helping motivate this powerful generation."

Show starts at 6:30 PM

Green Carpet coverage starts at 5:15 PM

President Debbie Levin Shares Her Sustainable Office Essentials With Haute Living

EMA President Debbie Levin offers Haute Look a peak at her desk. See where this eco-warrior gets going and goes green!

Find Out What's on EMA President Debbie Levin's Desk

Speaking of desks, did you know you too can save the planet from your desk? After finding out what President Debbie Levin has on her's, check out these 5 ways to take action on climate change from your desk, via Sierra Club.

What's on your desk?


This is How Sea Level Rise Will Reshape the Face of the United States

Live on the coast? If so, your beautiful beachfront home may be getting an undesired renovation in the future thanks to rising sea levels. For as trendy as "interior saltwater wash" may sound, it's not a good thing. In an article featured on washingtonpost.com, and shared by President Obama via Facebook, the author claims some 20 million Americans could feel the impacts of sea level rise. Wait it gets worse, If humans continue to emit carbon at our current rate, that number will most likely rise. According to the article,"Using this understanding of the link between warming and eventual ice melt, the authors estimate that with current carbon emissions, the world has probably already committed to 1.6 meters of long-term sea-level rise — more than five feet. And if you take into account existing carbon-spewing infrastructure and the added future emissions that it implies, that rises to more than seven feet."

You'd think 20 million would be a big enough number to catch the attention of our politicians and lawmakers, yet the argument continues. We must act now! By the time people's homes flood with the sea, it will be much too late. Urge our politicians to be bold and #ActInParis this December!

New Study: Trees are Good For Your Heart

Trees are our best allies. They provide shade from the sun, oxygen to breath, fruit to eat, and now scientists are saying they're good for our hearts. According to an article in Science Alert, "A team of scientists has been analyzing the health effects of a lack of foliage, specifically in the city of Detroit, where the emerald ash borer (EAB) beetle has been ripping through trees and causing havoc to the local ecosystem. Based on data pulled from the Women's Health Initiative survey, those in EAB-ravaged areas were 25 percent more likely to suffer from certain kinds of cardiovascular disease."

Why are trees good for heart health? Some possible reasons include: trees cut pollution, help relieve stress (especially if you live in the valley), and encourage exercise. You don't need The Lorax to remind you that trees are valuable when you can just listen to your heart! Go out and plant a tree, it's good for your health.

The Most Pessimistic Climate Change Scientist Has Had a Change of Heart

There's a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the climate change conversation, which is why we sometimes want to get in bed and curl up in a little ball. Ocean acidification, sea level rise, and severe droughts are all nightmarish scenarios, but there's just as many reasons to be hopeful. One sign the conversation is changing its tone from pessimistic to optimistic is the sudden change of heart of scientist Johan Rockström. In 2009, Johan warned that humanity had crossed into dangerous territory when it came to the environment. Since then, the scientist has found a reason to stay hopeful. According to independent.com,

"His optimism is founded on the breakneck speed of innovation in wind and solar power in the past two to three years, which means that renewable energy is being deployed on a massive scale and, crucially, at a cost roughly comparable to fossil fuels. Only last week new figures showed that the cost of electricity produced by onshore windfarms in the UK has fallen so much that for the first time it is now cheaper than fossil-fuel energy."

People are more likely to get behind a cause and take action if there's a chance of success, which is why Johan's optimism is much welcomed in the fight against climate change. What makes you optimistic?


Rare Whale Duo Gets Friendly with Lucky Paddleboarder

In last week's newsletter, we shared a video of whales breaching under the Northern Lights. This week, we have an incredible encounter between two massive whales and one lucky paddleboarder. This video, along with last week's, is further proof that whales, along with other animals, are just as curious and fascinated by the world as humans are. The video is also a beautiful example of humanity and the animal kingdom interacting peacefully. According to the Huffington Post,

"Southern Right whales, which grow to be between 45 and 55 feet long, are among the rarest marine mammals. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there are an estimated 7,000 individuals worldwide."

Watch the video here!

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