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Barry's is taking bold steps towards sustainability and EMA has their back! 


Barry's continues to take the lead, not only as the original high-intensity interval workout - it is now on the path to be EMA's first to receive the EMA Sustainability Seal for Fitness. The longtime fitness franchise is shaking things up at their fitness studios across the country by introducing sustainable practices in their workplace and facilities.

Barry's now uses 100% recycled office paper, has an established recycling system, uses compostable plates and biodegradable utensils, and has updated single-use plastics to reusable and plant-based products.

The franchise has also shifted to exclusively use cleaning products that have zero volatility and are made from natural, plant-derived resources, and is working with Grounds to Grow On™ recycling service, which offers workplaces an easy way to collect their brewed coffee pods to be recycled.

In a further effort to preserve our planet, the renowned brand has also updated training programs to include information on their green initiatives.

"By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish,” says Barry's CEO, Joey Gonzalez. “We’re really trying to do our part to combat the negative impact of single-use disposable plastic."

With Barry's sustainability efforts in full swing, they are on track to achieve the first EMA Sustainability Seal for Fitness. The EMA Sustainability Seal is a recognition program that expands our 17-year-old EMA Green Seal program to acknowledge sustainable businesses and corporate sectors. We assist with authentic systematic changes that move companies towards their global sustainability goals.


“We’re so thrilled that Barry’s is jumping in with such commitment and enthusiasm to work towards achieving sustainability both for their studios and their guests. Making sure that the chemicals and toxins are nowhere near the equipment is a major achievement in itself! And we’re so excited that JUST Water is now Barry’s branded water choice. All these steps role model what we look to be the standard in the Fitness Industry" says EMA CEO, Debbie Levin.

Barry's future sustainability goals continue to build on what the company has achieved so far as the studios continue to pile on green wins. This month, Barry's also announced their partnership with JUST Water, the eco-friendly water brand founded by EMA Executive Board Officer, Jaden Smith, and EMA Board Member, Drew FitzGerald.

"We’ve been longtime fans of Jaden and what he’s doing with (JUST),” Gonzalez says. “The bottles are made of 82 percent renewable resources and ethically sourced.”

Barry's understands that our health is tied to the health of our planet, which is why they’ve committed to stepping up their sustainability efforts. We are so proud to partner with Barry's as they work towards becoming the first fitness studios to receive our EMA Sustainability Seal for Fitness.

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