How Are You Making

a Positive IMPACT On Our Planet?


Humanity faces some pressing environmental issues: climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, etc. Take a deep breath. Yes, the problems are daunting, but we have solutions! In fact, many bright people are working on them right now. At our annual EMA IMPACT Summit, we bring together leaders and innovators in business, science, entertainment, and beyond to put these solutions into action.

We believe that a sustainable future is only possible if we can galvanize everyone to get on board. How do we do that? With positivity and hope; no one wants to get involved in something they feel is doomed. We also believe that everyone’s voice matters, which is why we want to hear from you!

Please share a story of how you, someone you know, or a company you admire is making a positive environmental impact. From game-changing innovations to community initiatives, we want to hear about it - we may even share your story on our @green4ema social!


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