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JUST® delivers everyday products that are responsibly sourced and packaged for improved environmental and social impact. JUST does things in a new way. Today’s conscious consumers seek out companies that are authentically committed to social impact and transparent in their practices, while still being accessible and convenient.

JUST is 8 years in the making – a likeminded group came together to drive social and environmental impact through business, starting with JUST® water, the ethically sourced 100% spring water in a paper-based bottle. Water connects us all and is a human necessity – JUST values water as the precious resource it is. In fact, JUST advocates for using tap water when possible, but when choosing bottled water, JUST is a better option.

JUST water is not just 100% spring water, it is a natural resource revitalizing a local community through an ethical trade partnership.

The JUST water bottle is not just a paper bottle, it’s made up of 82% renewable resources while reducing CO2 emissions up to 74% compared to traditional plastic bottles. The paper used in the bottle comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)®-certified forests where new trees replace the ones harvested. While the shoulder and cap are derived from the sugarcane plant.

Glens Falls is not just a spring water source, it is a community partner in every sense of the word – JUST’s unprecedented ethical trade agreement values water for the precious resource it is.

JUST is paying six times the municipal rate for access to less than 3% of the community’s excess water. That revenue helps to repair aging infrastructures, while the business model itself is restoring industry, providing jobs and protecting the local watershed.

JUST is not just more convenient and accessible for you, it’s Better for Everyone.

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