City National Bank to be presenting sponsor in 2019

We are very happy to announce our brand new sponsorship with City National Bank that will be the official presenting sponsor for our existing gardens, along with the continued support of Kellogg Gardens Products to help refresh our school gardens.


The Environmental Media Association (EMA) launched its Green My School Program (formally titled, EMA School Garden Program) on Tuesday, May 12, 2009, at Helen Bernstein High School in Hollywood.

The Green My School Program allows children across the country to benefit from shared urban school garden experiences and inspire students to take action on behalf of nature. Students who can leave the confines of a classroom for an outdoor, environmental experience learn more and test higher than other students. They also make healthier food choices in their lives and have greater self-confidence and leadership skills.

We believe that a disconnect from nature, our soil & water systems, and where food comes from is the root cause of many of our modern environmental issues. We hope by getting kids outside and planting vegetables and herbs, we can start to change that disconnect.

Since inception, EMA has directly supported 20 LA school gardens through corporate and public funding and celebrity mentoring.

Please help us put a school garden in every major city in the country!

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Additional support from Kellogg and City National Bank: