After 26 years of educating the public through film and TV about the largest environmental missions of the day, in 2016 EMA launched a new digital media program to speak directly to the next generation of decision makers.

The EMA Speaker Series will team EMA up with the most important Social and Environmental NGOs for engaging conversations, panels and key notes with the brightest minds from all over the globe.

Each of our events will not only be accessible to our members but also available to view online via our youtube page and our brand new Environmental Media Network Podcast Channel.

Our EMA Speaker Series has the potential to inspire people across the globe to adopt sustainable lifestyle practices. Help EMA host more of these important events with a donation. Our goal: multiple celebrity-moderated Speaker Series events a year covering timely environmental issues and solutions. Videos of the discussions will then be distributed on social media and made available for use in classrooms.

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Microplastics vs. the Ocean Soundclip