The Environmental Media Association Stands with Standing Rock

The Dakota Access Pipeline, developed by Energy Transfer Partners, will span 1,200 miles across the heartland of this country. The pipeline is expected to transport over 470,000 barrels of crude oil each and every day.

In addition to its impact on accelerating climate change, the pipeline puts sacred indigenous land at risk of a spill. While the people behind the pipeline claim it is safe, history has proven otherwise. When it comes to the safety and purity of our soil and water, what is at stake heavily outweighs the promises of the oil industry.

No group of people has more to lose than the Standing Rock Sioux. According to, “The Standing Rock Sioux opposes the pipeline’s construction near the Sioux reservation on the grounds that it threatens their public health and welfare, water supply and cultural resources.”

While the mainstream media, and too many on Capitol Hill, chose to ignore this issue, thousands have joined in solidarity with #StandWithStandingRock and say NO to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Environmental Media Association stands with Standing Rock and opposes the Dakota Access Pipeline. Our Healthy Family and Healthy Planet Programs were started to ensure a safe and sustainable world for children and families for generation after generation.

To show our solidarity, EMA President Debbie Levin and Board Members Shailene Woodley, Frances Fisher, John Quigley, and Ray Halbritter joined the peaceful protests at Sacred Stone Camp. We encourage all of you to use your voices to educate friends and family about this issue and why it matters.

“Mni Wiconi”
(Lakota for Water is Life)

TAKE ACTION AND GET INVOLVED!–stand-with-standingrock/