Youth Have the Power to Change Our Planet

Ashlan and Philippe are environmental advocates and filmmakers with a deep mutual passion for exploration and storytelling. Their mission is to inspire, entertain and motivate people to solve the critical issues facing humans, wildlife and the planet. The Cousteau’s believe making our world a better place can be a life changing adventure.

This summer, Ashlan and Philippe’s joint expedition, Nuclear Sharks, debuted as the #1 rated show across all cable. The documentary for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week followed the Cousteau’s to the Marshall Islands where they discovered new grey reef shark behaviors and uncovered an illegal fishing fleet operating in the world’s largest shark sanctuary. Ashlan joined Philippe’s eccentric crew in season two of The Aquatic World of Philippe Cousteau on CNN’s digital platform Great Big Story. This groundbreaking science-based comedy series has garnered over 20 million views in its first season alone.

In addition to their work together, Philippe and Ashlan are respected journalists and adventurers in their own right. Ashlan is a red carpet regular as a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and seven years as a reporter and fill-in anchor for E News. Ashlan’s endeavors go beyond the small screen.  She was selected by former Vice-President Al Gore to be the opening anchor for his internationally live broadcast of Climate Reality, 24. Ashlan has been a speaker at such events as the Society of Environmental Journalists annual conference, US State Department’s Our Oceans conference and at the United Nations’ Convention on Migratory Species in Quito, Ecuador. She has been recognized on numerous talk-shows and in international media for her work in conservation.

Philippe is the third generation of the legendary Cousteau family. He is an Emmy-nominated TV host, author, speaker, and co-founder of EarthEcho International who has established himself as a prominent leader in the environmental movement. Currently, he is the host and executive producer of Awesome Plant, a weekly syndicated television series on Fox, now in its third season. As a special correspondent for CNN he has hosted several award-winning shows including Going Green and Expedition Sumatra. In April of 2016, his new children’s book Follow the Moon Home was released has made it onto the prestigious Texas Bluebonnet Awards Master List.

The adventurous duo resides in Los Angeles, California with their rescue dog, Kenai.

About their nonprofit EarthEcho International:

EarthEcho International is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that youth have the power to change our planet. Founded by Philippe Cousteau honor of their father Philippe Cousteau Sr., and grandfather legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau; all of our program are designed to educate and empower generations of leaders and problem solvers to identify and tackle environmental challenges with a specific focus on the ocean. From designing education programs for millions of youth around the world, to representing the United States by designing building and managing the United States Oceans and Coasts Pavilion at the 2012 World Expo in South Korea, to managing the world’s largest citizen science water quality program and much more, EarthEcho International is a leader in education for environmental conservation.


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