The EMA Seal now seeks to
transform the hospitality industry


The purpose of the EMA Seal for Hospitality is to provide a transparent way to measure each hotel/resort’s environmental accomplishments to lessening their impact.

Establishing best practices for the hotel/resort that are economically viable will result in water and energy savings, a reduction of toxins and role modeling for property guests and employees. In today’s world, what we do locally can create a positive impact on a global level. These sustainable actions can benefit your company’s bottom line as well as be good for our planet and health.

The EMA Seal for Hospitality is a story that EMA is proud to share. As a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) we are proud to base our guidelines on their recommendations. Our goal is to have the EMA Seal as the standard for sustainability in many sectors.

Why Join?

Ownership and management work hand in hand to achieve best practices with the employees, vendors and the customers. EMA’s mission is to amplify the positive message of sustainable practices. EMA works to tell the story to the public creating a standard for others in the hospitality sector. We help to create turn key objectives and goals making it possible to have ongoing greening efforts. EMA as well as your property will be able to market your hotel/ resort’s green efforts, so they can be adopted by others in the community - affecting change one hotel at a time. We all care for our planet, our health and our next generation of guests.

Key Considerations

How does your hotel save money and conserve natural resources? We all know we want to aid our planet, but our businesses must be sustaining as well. Some of the practices have cost savings and some may have some initial set up costs. These practices can support your triple bottom line from saving right away to long term while being mindful of your planet.

While demand for sustainable travel experiences grow, Impact Travel Alliance’s 2018 Bringing Sustainable Tourism to the Masses study found that “of those who want to travel sustainably, more than one third (35 percent) found it difficult, and half didn’t know how.” 40 percent of respondents agreed they would pay higher rates to use travel service providers that demonstrate environmental sustainability.

Source: Skift 2017 U.S. Experiential Traveler Survey

In a 2017 survey by booking.com, 52% of global travelers said the top reason they choose eco-friendly accommodations was to help reduce environmental impact.

Source: Booking.com’s 2017 Sustainable Travel Report

To get started, contact Debbie Levin, EMA CEO at debbie@ema-online.org


EMA Seal Recipients


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