First presented by the Environmental Media Association (EMA) in 1991, the Environmental Media Awards honor film and television productions that increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire personal action on these issues. The Awards recognize writers, producers, directors, actors, and others in the entertainment industry who are actively expressing their concern for the environment. The Environmental Media Awards is the only Award show globally to publicize and promote the work that the entertainment industry does to consistently including storylines, environmental practices or role modeling.


To be eligible, narrative and documentary feature films must have sold distribution rights and have been released either theatrically or at an accredited film festival, direct-to-video or video on demand (streaming or transactional) between March 1st, 2018 and February 28th, 2019. Television productions in all categories must have first aired between March 1st, 2018 and February 28th, 2019 on a national network, cable, public television, first-run syndication, or streaming channel. EMA reserves the right to review all entries for eligibility.


Winners will be selected by a board of judges comprised of leaders from both the entertainment and environmental communities. It can be as simple as a single beat in a half-hour television comedy or as elaborate as the storyline for an entire feature film. As long as the work clearly delivers an environmental message and delivers it in an entertaining and motivating way, EMA urges you to submit for consideration.


Feature Film
Documentary Film
Television Episodic Drama
Television Episodic Comedy
Children’s Television – Live Action and Animated
Reality Television Program

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Producers, production companies, filmmakers, distributors, studio or network staff may submit entries.


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Environmental Media Association
Awards Coordinator: AICHA BANGOURA
8909 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
awards@ema-online.org (Digital Submissions)

Please note: Only three (3) episodes of a single series may be entered per category. EMA is not responsible for creative team omissions made by entrants. Finalists will be asked to submit judging DVDs and a cast photo. Finalists will receive two [2] complimentary tickets to the Awards Ceremony, including reception & dinner. EMA reserves the right to show portions of submitted entries at Awards presentations.

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  1. The Environmental Media Awards reserves the right to copy and distribute all materials, including video submitted by a studio, director, producer, or any other eligible entity for the purpose of judging and promoting the awards. Video submissions will be privately viewed by our panel of judges in their entirety.

  2. The Environmental Media Awards occasionally exhibit for educational or other purposes and not for profit, by means other than broadcast or telecast, programs and materials from this awards competition. The Environmental Media Awards may utilize submitted video and related materials, including designated cast photos and/or stills from the film or television series submitted, in its publicity, outreach and entertainment-education activities, including press releases, the EMA e-newsletter, show production, video news conferences, lectures, panels, research and touring exhibitions. Appropriate credit will be included.

  3. The Environmental Media Awards will air a brief clip of the nominated entries in the relevant category during the awards program; the program will be streamed online on a variety of homepages, including but not limited to the Environmental Media Association homepage and the Environmental Media Association Facebook page, among others. The Environmental Media Association reserves the right to utilize the aforementioned clip in future promotional, educational, and other related materials, including placement on the Environmental Media Awards webpage and the Environmental Media Association YouTube page.

  4. The Environmental Media Awards does not claim to endorse or support the work, business practices, or other ideologies of producers, networks or affiliated organizations. Recognition at the Environmental Media Awards is recognition for the material submitted only and does not imply recognition for anything other than the material reviewed.

  5. Any publicity describing the Environmental Media Awards must include the full title of the awards program, The Environmental Media Awards, and must refer to the particular work submitted to and recognized by the program.

  6. The Environmental Media Awards and judges have complete discretionary control over eligibility, re-categorizing entries as deemed appropriate, determining the award winner and whether second or third place winners will be recognized in a particular category.

  7. The Environmental Media Awards has the right to request additional supporting material, including promotional and/or marketing material, designated cast photos, or film or television stills, before an award is determined.

  8. This awards program is not intended to and does not be relied upon to create a right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law by a party and against the Environmental Media Awards, the Environmental Media Association, or any affiliated individuals.

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