Why Choose a Paper Bottle Over Plastic?

Why Choose a Paper Bottle Over Plastic?

JUST Guest Post: Why choose a Paper bottle over Plastic?

We hear this question often. Put simply, there are many reasons why one should choose a paper bottle over plastic. First and foremost, paper water bottles such as our JUST water bottle reduces carbon emissions by up to 74% compared to standard plastic water bottles.  How?  Our bottles are not made from PET plastic – which comes from petroleum- co2 emitting a fossil fuel.  This is a positive all the way around!

Secondly, our bottle is made from 82% renewable resources – paper and plant-based plastic – Most plastic bottles have zero renewable resources.

In the JUST water bottle, we use paper that is certified by Forest Stewardship Council – a global, non-profit organization dedicated to responsible forest management worldwide.  Having our paper be certified FSC paper will help conserve the world’s forests by certifying responsible forest management (from economic, environmental and social viewpoints).


The majority of the plastic in our bottle  – the shoulder and cap – are plant based.As a company, we wanted to ensure we aligned with the best plant-based plastic option, the most responsible source. We searched high and low to find a source that wasn’t upsetting food supplies, using chemical fertilizers or poor labor practices and treated the surrounding habitat responsibly. We landed on Brazilian sugarcane for the above reasons instead of PET plastic. This adds into significantly reducing our carbon emissions by utilizing a resource that grows back each year.


Additionally, the bottle is 100% recyclable where carton recycling is available, so you can also fully recycle the bottle.  As individuals, it’s our choice to decide what we want to purchase.  Every purchase we make, it’s like casting a vote for what we believe in.  Put your vote into a product that continues to renew, not a vote on a product that will forever remain in landfills and remain on this earth eternally.

Finally, we know you don’t need to use disposable water bottles all the time; we encourage you to only use them when necessary.  Also, please refill your bottle – they’re made to be refilled. We purposefully made the JUST water bottle with that in mind, thus the wide mouth topper!

Learn more about JUST water by visiting our website at justwater.com

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