Join EMA Board Member Daryl Hannah and the South Central Farmers at LA City Hall

Join EMA Board Member Daryl Hannah and the South Central Farmers at LA City Hall

Civic Leaders and Celebrities Join Forces to Call for the Restoration of the South Central Farm.

LA Planning Commission will hear appeal to deny approval of PIMA’s Final EIR for warehouse construction at 8:30 am Thursday, November 10, 2016


Dozens of celebrities joined together at the recent Environmental Media Awards on the back lot of Warner Brothers Studios for the #BringBackSouthCentralFarm social media hashtag campaign in support of renewed efforts to restore the South Central Farm. Nicole Richie, Ian Somerhalder, Shailene Woodley, Van Jones, Ed Begley Jr., and Moby along with an illustrious group of artists from the entertainment industry called for the iconic farm to be replanted as a symbol of the green future of Los Angeles. A new and growing advisory council has been formed to champion the effort under the banner of the South Central Farm Restoration Committee. The council includes a broad representation of key leaders from the faith, education, business, health, food, entertainment, environmental, and social justice sectors. This new effort envisions the original site as a green space providing food and jobs rather than a gray space that will add pollution and congestion to the dirtiest air corridor in Southern California.

Ten years ago local families, along with community members from across the United States, came together to save the largest community garden in the United States, the South Central Farm. Right here in Los Angeles there existed the ultimate paradigm for wellness and engagement, a community growing its own healthy food and creating a safe green space in the midst of a vast food desert. But based on a series of controversial decisions by the City of LA the Farm was razed and the Farmers evicted despite a massive outpouring of support across the nation. The land is the birthplace of the environmental justice movement in Los Angeles dating back to the 1980’s when the Concerned Citizens of South Central successfully defeated plans for a trash incinerator on the site. In 1992 the LA Regional Food Bank asked Mayor Bradley to allow community members to grow food on the vacant lot to help heal the city from the devastation of the riots. Those early seeds grew into the largest urban farm in America. An oasis in a concrete jungle that was called ‘The Jewel of Los Angeles’. Today the land is owned by PIMA Corporation, a clothing conglomerate with plans to develop the parcel into a factory and warehouse facility.

This Thursday, November 10th, we urge you to join EMA Board Members Daryl Hannah and John Quigley, and the South Central Farmers at Los Angeles City Hall to call for the restoration of the farm and deny the Environmental Impact Report approval of PIMA!  We ask that you attend in person, but   if you can’t, kindly submit your letters to the following individuals: Jenna Monterrosa, or William Lamborn

Date: Thursday, November 10th, 2016
Time: Rally & Public Hearing – 8:30 am
Location: Los Angeles City Hall, Board of Public Works Hearing Room
200 North Spring St. Room 350 (enter on Main St.) Los Angeles, CA 90012

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  • Nevada Walton

    Bring back the farm! While LA city council might gain a few new tax dollars, members really think about not just air quality, but quality of life! Bring food and families in a cooperative community back to South Central LA.

    November 14, 2016 at 8:29 am

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