Here at EMA, we empathize with families when it comes to the important product decisions they make on a daily basis. We’re fortunate to live in a time where there are so many options for the things we need, but it’s difficult to know which products are the safest for our children, ourselves, and the planet. For this reason, we’ve created the EMA Healthy Family Seal to help guide eco-friendly, healthy shopping choices.

The companies and products that receive our Healthy Family Seal have met our high-quality standards for how they produce their goods, what their goods are made of, and how the company communicates with the public. These companies also help support EMA’s many programs and initiatives through financial contributions. To acquire our Healthy Family Seal, companies must:

– Demonstrate a clear understanding of how environmental hazards affects children’s health and well-being
– Support legislation and corporate policies that protect children, communities, and families from environmental harm
– Educate the public on the importance of informed shopping, and mitigate misleading greenwashing
– Lead by example in their industries by setting new standards in safer products, ingredients, and materials
– Not only make safer and healthier alternatives, but inform the public on why they’re safer options
– Encourage individuals, families, and communities to make healthy, eco-friendly decisions in other aspects of their lives

EMA Healthy Family Seal

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of information out there for consumers to digest. It’s hard to know who to trust when a company is telling you one thing, and the internet is telling you another thing. That’s why we’ve made an independent criterion for judging the safety and impact of products for purchase in the marketplace. Because we’re a family-focused organization, our primary objective is to keep families safe. For this reason, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any chemicals we find harmful to people, especially children.

Often, what is detrimental to humans is also damaging to the planet, which is why we believe a non-toxic item for people should also be non-toxic for the environment. Many chemicals and their toxic byproducts have adverse effects on water, soil, air, and wildlife. These types of chemicals do not belong in the products we bring home to our families.

It’s not surprising that more and more people are becoming concerned with how their purchases impacts their health and the environment. The good intentions are there, but the necessary information is often not. For this reason, we offer an up-to-date guide to help parents identify non-toxic, eco-friendly products. We consolidate the information so it’s easy to understand and relevant to families. Our hope is that our Seal empowers and encourages parents to inspire others to be informed consumers.

A company with integrity cares about these issues for the same reasons as their consumers; they don’t greenwash or cut corners. Further, a company with integrity receives our EMA Healthy Family Seal after a proper and honest screening of their products based on our criteria.