Our EMA HEALTHY FAMILY program is all about the work we can do as parents and individuals keeping our families as safe as possible from chemicals and toxins in our homes and promote a sustainable future. Focused on inspiring change through everyday lifestyle, EMA Healthy Family has tackled several key issues in the past.

Launched in 2016, EMA’s Healthy Family Program Seal builds on several key campaigns of EMA to inspire change through everyday lifestyle choices for families.

EMA’s Healthy Family Program will release new quality standards for non-toxic, safe consumer products and consumer brands in April, 2016. Along with the new Healthy Family Product Seal, partners will be offered benefits such as sponsored content, dedicated branded webpages, celebrity PSA’s, newsletters, social media supporting campaigns’s and social “shout-outs” wherever applicable. All EMA Healthy Family Partners and products will automatically be included in EMA’s Healthy Family Product Guide.