Debbie Levin


She’s not a Hollywood executive, filmmaker or performer, yet she is one of the entertainment industry’s most influential people. In the “green movement,” Debbie Levin is regarded as a true thought-leader, merging environmental awareness with entertainment platforms and people. As President of the Environmental Media Association (EMA), Debbie works to garner attention for pressing environmental issues by leveraging the power and visibility of entertainment media and celebrity. In the last thirteen years, she has transformed EMA into a marketer of eco-healthy messages and a magnet for young Hollywood, specifically engaging this new generation of celebrity on a deeper level to share the message of environmental awareness. Possessing deep relationships in the entertainment industry, she has recruited powerful executives and celebrities for EMA’s Board of Directors and created a Young Hollywood Board.

Debbie has also grown The Environmental Media Awards into a prestigious annual event and has forged partnerships with the likes of Tiffany & Co. and Toyota (Fortune magazine has called EMA a “secret weapon” for Toyota/Lexus, crediting the organization and Levin as “single-handedly responsible for getting droves of celebrities into Toyota hybrids.”).

Why is it so important to model an eco-conscious lifestyle? As a celebrity, a teacher, an administrator and especially a parent….role modeling eco-conscious lifestyle choices will literally change how the next generation lives. Your choices, for example, to bring your own bags to the market will eliminate the manufacturing of millions of paper and plastic bags in the future! When you conserve energy in your home and workplace you are saving the resources that bring energy to everyone! Every decision you make can be a showcase for effecting change for your children and grandchildren.


Asher Levin

Director of Business Development

Kelly Herman

Director of Programs and Partnerships

Bradley Smith

Executive Assistant


Appeal to Reason

Combining social media savvy, cinematic vision and grass roots activism, APPEAL TO REASON is the new home of cutting edge media plans, campaign strategies for today’s most pressing social and environmental issues. They are dedicated to creating the most unique and direct messaging through innovative storytelling and working with brand marketing and traditional PSA formats for maximum effectiveness in communication.

The A List

Ashlee Margolis founded The A List in 2001 and has grown it into one of the most renowned talent procurement and celebrity dressing agencies in the entertainment industry today. As Founder, Margolis oversees all aspects of The A List’s business, focusing on creating long-lasting and meaningful strategic partnerships by pairing top brands with leading talent, causes and charities. The A List is a specialized communications agency focusing on brand building for a global audience. They leverage their unparalleled network of relationships within the entertainment, fashion and digital industries to enhance visibility for clients in celebrity procurement, celebrity dressing and lifestyle seeding.

Hillary Harris Events

As the visionary at the helm of Warner Bros. Studios Special Events for nearly two decades, Hillary Harris Events is now a full-service event production company specializing in entertainment industry, corporate, charity, social events and weddings with experience not only with Time Warner and Warner Bros. Entertainment clients—which include “Conan,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the CW Network, Cartoon Network, and HBO—but also an impressive list of corporate clients ranging from DIRECTV and MTV to Mercedes-Benz and Apple. Her non-profit clients include The Environmental Media Association and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Her success at producing Hollywood premieres, lavish cast parties, themed corporate events, and dazzling fundraisers has earned Harris numerous industry awards, including a win at Special Events Magazine’s annual Gala Awards in January 2014.

She consistently serves as a featured speaker at national and regional conferences around the country, and she sits on the advisory board of two event publications Biz Bash and Event Solutions, as well as the non-profit “Search Foundation,” which serves the special events community. Harris was inducted in to the Biz Bash Media Hall of Fame and was named one of the Biz Bash Innovators of 2012. In March of 2014, Hillary was inducted into the Event Solutions Hall of Fame for continually bringing new trends to the Special Events Industry.

Amanda Poimiroo – Event Consultant
Andrew Manalo – Web and Graphic Designer
David Selig – Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager & UBS Financial Services, Inc
Emilie Golub – P3 Management, Accounting, Finance & Operations Services
Gary Petersen – Corporate Sustainability
Greg Baldwin – Consultant
Jay Jasinski – Community Managing / Social Media Consultant
John Quigley – Community Relationships
Madison Karsenty – General Counsel
Nicole Landers – Sustainability Consultant

Why is it so important to model an eco-conscious lifestyle? Actors, musicians and athletes have a huge opportunity to take advantage of their lives in the media fish bowl. They can send out a powerful message to their fans by carrying a reusable bag or driving a hybrid car or talking about what they do in their daily lives to protect the planet.