4 Artists With Environmental Messages

4 Artists With Environmental Messages

These Four Artists Bring Attention to Environmental Issues With Their Work

April is Earth Month, so we are celebrating people who use their influence as an artist/entertainer to raise awareness for environmental issues and solutions. In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting four artists who get millions of people thinking about their impact on our planet through their murals in some of the largest cities on the planet.

Here at EMA, we bring influencers from the entertainment industry together and synchronize their voices to encourage eco-friendly lifestyles.

Stefaan De Croock – Strook


Via @strook_be Instagram

Stefaan De Croock is a Belgium-based artist who creates beautiful murals out of recycled wooden planks, doors, and furniture. His work brings new life to objects that are thrown aside, showing value in the waste humans create.



Via @pejac_art Instagram

From his website: “Taking clever twists on familiar images and skillfully reinventing the public space, Barcelona-based artist is touching sensitive social and environmental issues in a smart and poetic manner.” Pejac’s art calls attention to how our modern society has created a disconnect between humans and nature.



Via Blu and Unurth Blog

Blu isn’t one for subtlety. His surreal art depicts how avarice and apathy are destroying our planet. For example, the image we have as our header is a mural by Blu titled Smoking Politicians.



Via Nemos

Similar to Blu, Nemos brings attention to how our over-consumption is destroying the planet. Nemos’ art shows that when humans damage the planet, they are also hurting themselves.

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